Hello! We are Ashley and Trevor Zibetti,

the faces behind the cameras.

We met through a mutual friend who set us up on a blind date. We instantly clicked and have been inseparable ever since. We dated for a year and a half and then we got married in July of 2016.

About Trevor:

When Trevor isn't helping me film/shoot weddings he is working at a woodshop. He does finishing work for frames that they make for artists, but he also has made over half of the furniture in our house. He grew up playing football and baseball. He loves food just like me. We always find ourselves at different restaurant every week. He loves to take our dogs outside to play.

About Ashley:

When I’m not working I love to shop, go bowling, play soccer, cuddle my dogs, and I love playing board games with Trevor. I’m obsessed with true crime and specifically love listening to true crime podcasts. I’m also obsessed with a good TV show. I recently discovered a love for fiber art and have my own Etsy shop where Trevor and I both sell handmade home decor!

Ashley is the quiet girl who laughs at all the jokes.

Trevor Is the Quiet guy who likes to crack random jokes.

How we started doing weddings:

I (Ashley) have always loved taking photos. When I was 12 years old my mom gave me one of her old digital cameras and the second I got my hands on it I couldn't stop taking photos.

From there I made friends who also loved photography and we would always go out shooting for fun. My friends even started asking me to take their senior photos and offered to pay. That's when I realized I could potentially make a career out of my hobby. I started taking family photos, newborn photos, portaits, you name it. Once I moved off to college I realized that school was not what I wanted to pursue. I wanted to make photography into my full time career. That's when I discovered weddings. They are my true passion. Once I got married to Trevor I somehow convinced him to let me teach him how to use a camera. He picked it up so fast and naturally and soon he started to work with me. I am still in shock that we both get to do something we love, together!

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